Jesus is Lord

You’ve Just Found a Christ focused Hoboken Christian Church!

“Meeting together is God’s will for his people”

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10 AM & Thursday evenings at 7 PM. (Check the Google Calendar below for details, cancellations and special events).

You will be warmly welcomed when you visit.  We are a Christ focused Christian Church.  Come and help us build a strong, loving, and faithful gathering of believers.  It’s a blessing to find and make new Christian friends and we are looking forward to meeting you.  We are located on the corner of 7th & Bloomfield Street in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Jesus loves you and so will we!

If you have any questions about our church, our beliefs, or the Christian faith, please e-mail us at Visit us soon at 641 Bloomfield Street,


man alone on island

No Christian is an island unto themselves.  We are called the Body of Christ for a reason.  Sometimes we all need a little encouragement or maybe just a sympathetic ear.  It’s a blessing to find a church family that shares a common concern for each other’s spiritual and earthly welfare.  You are not called into this Christian life only to be left alone to face the battles ahead.

Our greatest Ally and Comforter is always going to be the Lord Himself.  Let’s be honest.  People will often disappoint and fall short of our expectations.  But God has chosen to build His church out of these same flawed human beings.  That’s you and me by the way.  He builds His church one brick at a time.

His bricks are people and we are brought together to be a blessing to each other.  Together we are strong in the Lord and can do great and lasting things for the Kingdom of God and for each other.  If you are looking for a Christ focused Hoboken Christian Church then your search is over.  See you soon!

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